I pushed Web UI patches which were in master but not in ipa-3-1 branch to ipa-3-1 branch.

2808a5ac01483275a75c0c0cbf9836a7e21a2041 Fix BuildRequires: rhino replaced with 
95a191e98177d56bee32d5844f34241d5b987663 Change tests to use AMD loader
aec35465fed1771e45f9755c80781bf478087fa9 Updated makefiles to build FreeIPA Web 
UI layer
591041d54d22703153ff2d7793d2a45a634152ff Change Web UI sources to simple AMD 
e472a3419e60cda05978994db3915962a241a86f AMD config file
193d0ac9d23b0a8873846e2797e001fe83e1d2f3 Update JavaScript Lint configuration 
5ae3f90500cac3bbe26210635a1fbd304def474c Move of core Web UI files to AMD 
27d9348139ef7b603bc515cf5bbbac78f1e416a2 Move of Web UI non AMD dep. libs to 
libs subdirectory
16f9038b3e105d9ac6099be25404c3e6cf31d89c Web UI Sync development utility
146f3a73b00cbbafc734578c767b932030bc1aec Web UI development environment 
directory structure and configuration
2ae4e649a72838cbbfa68818c183d20fcf11151c Minimal Dojo layer
4a4cbdecc2c1fec6666377fe6839a1897d2c6dd3 Config files for builder of FreeIPA UI 
e8db24fdb989e6cb68f7a6eb8cdbca1b77c35721 Dojo Builder
d7b25b0bd34568d28f74a3dfc27f520bc7f094b9 Use Uglify.js for JS optimization
69cbbd10a11736754e5137e394b3f87291cb0fd2 Enable mod_deflate
06a6ef87d81a0300c716dac47a998dcbc38fbcc2 Focus first input element after 'Add 
and Add another'
8e3b09310e615036570ab29fb7c2d1f3009aa2b2 Standardize login password reset, user 
reset password and host set OTP dialogs
d68dd2138d546673c1dae90e6dfc977ed0b82cd4 Confirm association dialogs by enter
b1632ffa52b2a2f30f3d83aaabc958e4a9928c0e Focus last dialog when some is closed
69185978eb8b9b206fda13af49e9885cc4a150b7 Confirm error dialog by enter
40a5d90cfe2077d847841ce46a859ca9ade97a61 Confirm adder dialog by enter
c3de70c77bae2b184b52b6029c4146b8312be784 Confirm mixin
c66c8202919f10a65fddf3b97355a87c39b8ba2b Make confirm_dialog a base class for 
92aa635be56fe6e991e902ece369a7bbf57a018d Make confirm_dialog a base class for 
deleter dialog
9806eae286764e35a218d9e3f832a6c85a7ca929 Make confirm_dialog a base class of 
revoke and restore certificate dialogs
b238fc13ef98afb0bae4c479be1fc2c7fa94468d Avoid internal error when user is not 
Trust admin
Petr Vobornik

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