On 20.2.2013 13:03, Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 02/19/2013 03:10 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 1.2.2013 15:38, Petr Viktorin wrote:
Alright, I renamed get_single to single_value().

I also rebased to current master.

Patch 152:

+    def single_value(self, name, default=_missing):
+        values = self.get(name, [default])
+        if len(values) != 1:
+            raise ValueError(
+                '%s has %s values, one expected' % (name, len(values)))
+        if values[0] is _missing:
+            raise KeyError(name)
+        return values[0]

I would prefer if you used __getitem__() instead of get() and re-raised
KeyError if default is _missing. Also, until we disallow non-lists, we
need to check if values actually is list. I.e., do something like this:

+    def single_value(self, name, default=_missing):
+        try:
+            values = super(LDAPEntry,
+        except KeyError:
+            if default is _missing:
+                raise
+            return default
+        if not isinstance(values, list):
+            return values
+        if len(values) != 1:
+            raise ValueError(
+                '%s has %s values, one expected' % (name, len(values)))
+        return values[0]

Updated, thanks.

_get_attr_name is only added in your patch 99, so I used _attr_name here
and modified your patch.

I wrote some tests for single_value, and while I was at it I added tests
for a few other LDAPEntry methods as well. I've also split things up
into more testcases. Including as patch 0181.

Thanks. I think you should also add a tearDown method to test_LDAPEntry which disconnects self.conn if it is connected (the same thing test_ldap does).

Patch 159:

Like I said in my review of your patch 143, I think we should use DNs
instead of entries in delete_entry, so I think it would make sense to do
delete_entry(entry.dn) in this patch.

I think that for symmetry with add_entry and update_entry, delete_entry
should take entries too. If you already have the entry, having to type
the extra ".dn" is not very intuitive.
The proper thing to do would be a separate delete_by_dn(), but
delete_entry() taking either entries or DNs works fine IMO.

OK, makes sense.

Patch 160:

I think you should do this (replace % with ,):

+            root_logger.debug(
+                "failed to find mapping tree entry for %s", self.suffix)

Fixed, thanks.

I've also rebased 174 and your patch 104 to current master.


Jan Cholasta

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