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First two patches are bug fixes which are required for third patch.
Depends on my patch #259 (Combobox keyboard support)

1) [PATCH] Fix dirty state update of editable combobox

Editable combobox didn't update it's dirty state correctly. CB had
it's own internal value changed event, which was incorrectly used. It was
removed and widget's value_changed event was used instead.


2) [PATCH] Fix handling of no_update flag in Web UI

There was an incorrect check for no_update flag. Check was performed
as if the flag was an attribute of object not an item of array. Hence,
the flag never caused any effect.


3) [PATCH] Global trust config page


Just two notes:

ipantfallbackprimarygroup requires a posix group. Our API currently
doesn't support search based on object classes therefore the entity
select widget incorrectly offers non posix groups as well.

Are we planning to add the missing functionality? Right now you'll get 'group not found' if you select a non-POSIX group, which is confusing because the group does exist. Possible solutions:

1. Fix the error message to say '<group name> is not a POSIX group' or 'Fallback primary group requires a POSIX group'.

2. Execute another batch of group-show operations to get the object classes of the groups to be displayed and filter out the non-POSIX groups.

Another problem is that hidden 'Default SMB Group' is not listed.
Hence it couldn't be set again after a modification. I made the combobox
editable (first usage, so it revealed a bug) to avoid this problem.
User can enter garbage, but the framework should handle that.

This is a little difficult to use. You'll need to know that you have to type 'Default SMB Group' to go back to the default and the UI doesn't show that as an acceptable value. Possible solutions:

1. Add the 'Default SMB Group' as the first entry in the drop down list so you can reselect it again. The drop down list doesn't need to be editable.

2. Use radio buttons to separate the default value from other values:

  Fallback primary group: (o) Default SMB Group
                          ( ) POSIX group: [ drop down list ]

Regardless, I think the server API needs to be changed to accept an empty value to go back to the default value instead of taking 'Default SMB Group'. A default value should be simple and not something that will potentially conflict with a non-default value that happens to have the same name.

Endi S. Dewata

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