Petr Viktorin wrote:


--- a/ipaserver/
+++ b/ipaserver/
@@ -1775,6 +1775,8 @@ class IPAdmin(LDAPClient):
                  if removes:
                      if not force_replace:
                          modlist.append((ldap.MOD_DELETE, key, removes))
+                    elif new_values == []: # delete an empty value
+                        modlist.append((ldap.MOD_DELETE, key, removes))

I don't understand this change. AFAIK updateEntry/generateModList is
only used in ldapupdater now, and it's going away as soon as I can find
time to remove it. If you need to change it I'd like to know why.

Things may have changed since the refactoring, I did the development against the old code then did some sanity checking. I'll take another look.

This code lets one delete a single-valued attribute. If you want to delete a single-value attribute then force_replace will set so the delete will be lost.


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