On 5.3.2013 16:12, Jan Cholasta wrote:

On 4.3.2013 15:29, Petr Viktorin wrote:
I did not test the external CA case when we merged DS instances some
time ago, so it ended up broken. Here is a fix.

Our DsInstance class could only be initialized properly by calling
create_instance or create_replica. Fr step 2, when the DS is not being
installed, I gathered the common setup code to init_info, and called
that. Ideally this will one day end up in __init__, but that's for a
bigger refactoring.


I have tried installing IPA with external CA with your patch several
times, and ipa-server-install always gets stuck while doing LDAP
updates. I am not really sure how these two are connected. Can you
please check if that happens to you on IPA from current master as well?


Turns out this was an error on my part. Sorry.



Jan Cholasta

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