Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 03/07/2013 06:01 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 6.3.2013 16:29, Petr Viktorin wrote:
These patches move ipaldap to ipapython, and make the client installer
use it. Also password migration web-app is made to use ipaldap; they
both called a shared a utility function that is converted to use

This should fix
(freeipa-client-install KeyError in 'namingcontexts') and similar

Patch 191:

The patch is missing the ipapython/ file.

It's there, it's just copied from ipaserver/ with a small
change at the bottom.

I'll respond to the other comments tomorrow.

I think it should go into ipalib instead of ipapython. <rant> It doesn't
make sense to keep ipapython and ipalib separate if they depend on each
other. We should either merge them or clean up the mess by removing
ipalib imports from ipapython. I'm not saying we should do it now, just
please don't add new modules to ipapython which import from ipalib.

There have been platforms in the past that we do not ship the framework
on (e.g. RHEL 5). ipapython is supposed to be platform agnostic, though
it clearly isn't, to allow a bridge for those systems that can't or
won't have the framework. So I think removing the imports from ipapython
is the way to go.

Then we need to move errors and text to ipapython, those need to be
imported pretty much everywhere.

Yup, that too is a bit of a violation, at least for errors as we really want to publish those as part of the framework. This is why I didn't raise a fuss when we starting doing minor mixing of things (and I really felt the pain when trying to do certain things in RHEL 5).

The client is now using more and more from the framework (SSH uploads, for example). So maybe it is time to revisit how we package things.

If we decide to go whole hog and merge ipapython and ipalib I think there'd be no going back. We'd have to carefully consider all the consequences. I tend to be rather conservative in this regard, but perhaps I'm just living in the past.


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