Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 01/15/2013 12:36 PM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
I meant to hold this patch a while longer to let it mature, but from
what Brian Smith asked on the user list it seems it could help him.


See the design page for what the patch does.

As much as I've tried to avoid them, the code includes some workarounds:
It extends xmlrpclib to also support JSON. This is rather intrusive, but
to not do that I'd need to write a parallel stack for JSON, without the
help of a standard library.
The registration of either jsonclient or xmlclient as "rpcclient" in the
API also needs a bit of magic, since the framework requires the class
name to match the attribute.

To prevent backwards compatibility problems, we need to ensure that all
official JSON clients send the API version, so this patch should be
applied after my patches 0104-0106.

Updating to current master.

Please reverse this change in ipalib/

@@ -665,8 +788,6 @@ class xmlclient(Connectible):
             except Exception, e:
                 if not fallback:
-                else:
-'Connection to %s failed with %s', url, e)
                 serverproxy = None

This logs connection errors when the client fails over to another server.

The changes look really good. The show stopper is that using jsonrpc doesn't create a session key. I noticed that xmlrpc_uri is hardcoded into ipalib/ but it appears the issue is deeper than that.

I did some basic testing with an old client against this server and things seem to be fine.

I get the same results running the unit tests with both rpclib settings.


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