On 04/02/2013 11:19 AM, Tomas Babej wrote:
> On Fri 08 Mar 2013 02:16:26 PM CET, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/MultipleTrustServers covers RFE to have
>> multiple domain controllers exposed to trusted domains.
>> Attached patch also implements needed changes for ipa-adtrust-install
>> part. Global trust configuration options are already implemented and
>> available in git master, while Web UI support for them needs to be
>> added.
>> The patch attached actually fixes our current (rather wrong) way of
>> exposing all LDAP- and Kerberos-related SRV records to default site
>> configuration and _msdcs SRV namespace. This was wrong because it
>> assumed that all servers mentioned in SRV records could be domain
>> controllers, that is, they are usable to contact over SMB protocol.
>> The latter isn't true until we ran ipa-adtrust-install on them.
>> The patch only exposes those servers which manage cifs/fqdn@REALM
>> services and only if those services are also members of cn=adtrust
>> agents container. This is fairly strict filter and it allows also to
>> have other types of SMB servers as part of the realm.
>> Below is a copy of the RFE:
>> ==================================================================
>> __NOTOC__
>> = Overview =
>> Ticket [https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2189 #2189];
>> Each FreeIPA server in the realm has potential to serve as domain
>> controller in the cross-forest realm trust. This page outlines design
>> for implementing multiple servers support in FreeIPA.
>> = Use Cases =
>> Once <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt> ran on the FreeIPA server, the server
>> can handle requests from trusted domains by means of Samba project's
>> <tt>smbd</tt> and <tt>winbindd</tt> daemons.
>> Hosts in FreeIPA realm may be enrolled against specific FreeIPA replica
>> server. User from trusted domain can access these hosts and their
>> identities will be resolved against the replica. However, if replica
>> server does not have trust support configured, these identities will not
>> be processed since running <tt>winbindd</tt> process is required to
>> contact the trusted domain's domain controllers and Global Catalog
>> servers.
>> Domain controllers are advertised to clients via SRV records in DNS.
>> Since replica servers may be arranged in a specific topology, adding new
>> domain controller would need to respect the topology design. It means
>> priority/weight of the domain controller compared to other domain
>> controllers should be adjustable. Prime use case for this is branch
>> office deployments.
>> = Design=
>> * Each domain controller uses separate identity and service key to talk
>>   to FreeIPA LDAP server. The identity is tied to the server hostname.
>> * Service principal is <tt>cifs/hostname@REALM</tt>, identified in LDAP
>>   as <tt>krbprincipalname=cifs/hostname@REALM</tt>.
>> * All identities are members of <tt>cn=adtrust
>>   agents</tt>,<tt>cn=sysaccounts</tt>,<tt>cn=etc</tt>,<tt>$SUFFIX</tt>.
>>   Thus, all replica servers can see what other servers are providing
>>   domain controller service.
>> * Replica server only becomes domain controller when
>>   <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt> utility was executed on it. It means all
>>   DC setup is delivered via the <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt>.
>> * <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt> should be able to detect other DCs by
>>   looking at existing identities as members of the <tt>cn=adtrust
>>   agents</tt>,<tt>cn=sysaccounts</tt>,<tt>cn=etc</tt>,<tt>$SUFFIX</tt>
>>   tree and modify list of SRV records under <tt>_msdcs</tt> and default
>>   site configuration if DNS is controlled by FreeIPA.
>> * Domain Controller priority/weight can be modified at run time since it
>>   only affects SRV records in the DNS (if FreeIPA controls the DNS).
>>   Normal <tt>ipa dnsrecord-mod</tt> commands should be used for this
>>   purpose, operating on SRV records for <tt>_msdcs</tt> and default site
>>   configuration.
>> * There are trust properties that are global for the realm. Some of them
>>   are modifiable, some not. Thus, <tt>ipa trustconfig-show</tt> and
>>   <tt>ipa trustconfig-mod</tt> should reflect both global and local
>>   settings (realm-wise and DC-wise).
>> * Following properties of the trust are global for the realm:
>> ** NetBIOS domain name (read-only, affects existing trusts)
>> ** Domain name (read-only, affects existing trusts)
>> ** Domain GUID (read-only, informational)
>> ** Additional domain suffixes exposed to the trusted party, handled as
>>    black list against global list of additional domains associated
>> with our
>>    or transitive realm, read/write
>> ** Fallback primary group (read-write)
>> * Following properties of the trust are per Domain Controller:
>> ** priority of the DC and GC services (read-write, DNS SRV record)
>> Details on <tt>ipa trustconfig</tt> commands design are available at
>> http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/Trust_config_command
>> Details on additional domain suffixes handling are available at
>> http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/Domain_suffixes
>> = Implementation =
>> Implementation-wise there are three parts:
>> * <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt>:
>> ** Gather list of CIFS services that are also members of <tt>cn=adtrust
>>    agents</tt> and add SRV records for them to _msdcs in
>> ipaserver/install/adtrustinstance.py:ADTrustInstance::__add_dns_service_records().
>> ** Once Global Catalog Server implementation will be ready, configure
>>    its use as one of <tt>ADTrustInstance</tt> setup steps.
>> * <tt>IPA framework</tt>:
>> ** Add display and modification of trust properties as <tt>ipa
>>    trustconfig-*</tt> commands, including listing DC and GC servers.
>> ** NOTE: there is no need to modify trust creation procedure since it
>> appears that AD DC assumes LSA CreateTrustedDomainEx2 call comes from
>> the DC (in Windows the UI to establish trust is only on DC) and
>> therefore does not do DNS discovery during validation step. Since smbd
>> running on the same host that 'ipa trust-add' runs on will contact the
>> same host's LDAP server, there is no issue in replication at this stage.
>> * <tt>IPA Web UI</tt>
>> ** Add support for <tt>ipa trustconfig-*</tt> to Web UI.
>> = Major configuration options and enablement =
>> No additional options to <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt>
>> = Replication =
>> All data is already in a replicated namespace.
>> = Updates and Upgrades =
>> No changes to schema, no need to run anything additional on updates or
>> upgrades
>> = Dependencies =
>> No additional dependencies beyond AD trusts support
>> = External Impact =
>> Once <tt>ipa-adtrust-install</tt> install ran on replica, the replica
>> will be advertised via <tt>_msdcs</tt> SRV namespace as a domain
>> controller.
>> ==================================================================
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> I tested with various topologies with up to 8 replicas, worked fine, ACK.
> Tomas

Thanks. Pushed to master and ipa-3-1 too as the fix is pretty self-contained.


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