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Here's a patch for filtering groups by type.
Design page: http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/Filtering_groups_by_type

The interface is:
      doc=_('Group type'),
      values=(u'posix', u'normal', u'external'),
I have two design questions.
1. Is --type the right option name?
Fine by me, it matches the label and description.

2. Is `normal` the right name for non-posix, non-external group? The
default group type (when adding group) is posix. Should the name be
something else: `simple`, `plain`, `ordinary`?
We also use 'normal' in the group adder dialog, so it's consistent. Other
options are 'basic', 'standard', 'regular'.

I didn't want to create an option for each type. IMO it brings more
Maybe the group-add/mod command should use the same --type option?

ACK from me, but maybe others might have some comments.

I am just thinking about if the new API is right. For example, when we add an
external group, we use ipa group-add --external. But when we search for
external groups, we suddenly use
# ipa group-find --type=external
and not
# ipa group-find --external
# ipa group-find --nonposix

Wouldn't that cause confusion? I am looking for same second opinion on this one.

I also did not like "normal" group type very much, maybe we should just call it
"nonposix"? As that's the option you use when you are creating such group:
# ipa group-add --nonposix foo

Otherwise, the patch looks good functionally.


I have to note that external group is also non-posix. Following command is 
   # ipa group-add foo --desc=a --external --nonposix

By that logic
   # ipa group-find --nonposix

Would also list external groups.

I fine with renaming 'normal' to something better (will also require Web UI
change), but it is not 'nonposix'.
I think this logic is flawed as well. Then you could say that posix group is
also nonposix, because it contains the same objectclasses as nonpoxis group +
posixGroup objectclass.

"nonposix" is the term we already use (see --nonposix), not something
artificial or new, so I would not be afraid of it.


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Let us try to move on with this, here are my 2 cents:

1.) normal is not a suitable name for non-posix, non-external group. As a user, I would assume that
  # ipa group-find --type=normal

would return the groups that I created using simple
  # ipa group-add testgroup

command. By that logic, any other suggested synonym implying there's nothing special about this
group is not suitable.

2.) If not normal (or any other synonym implying there's nothing special about this group) then what?
We can either:
  - use exact but complicated --non-posix-non-external
- use --nonposix and deal with the fact that sets defined by the type are not disjunct
  - make up our own new term and define it

While none of these options are fortunate, let's look for the least resistance:
  - exact, but complicated names are ugly and do not keep interface simple
  - nonposix groups are superset of external groups
  - confuses the user and makes the learning curve steeper

From this I would go for option 2, indeed, if you think about --nonposix / --external as flags, where the external takes priority before nonposix, this kind of makes sense. If the user does not think about the implementation (that every external group is nonposix), he may indeed find himself in this mindset.

3.) I'm fine both with --type=external and --external approaches. The latterr is more consistent with the way we do things, *-find commands search mainly on selected subset of attributes, so using the flag analogy I mentioned an paragraph ago, you would expect --external to behave as an attribute, especially if group-add command accepts it in this form.

Having 3 options instead of one will clutter things a bit more, but if we keep them in the same place (in the list of options) it should not cause much confusion, more so if the descriptions would be nearly the same, one would quickly see that these
belong together.


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