Same for:

Issued on from
Issued on to
Revoked on from
Revoked on to
Valid not after from
Valid not after to
Valid not before from
Valid not before to

All in ipalib/plugins/ around line 330



2013/4/6 Jérôme Fenal <>

> Hi all,
> I'm currently updating the translations in French for messages in FreeIPA,
> but I am confused by some of them:
> Valid not before from this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> Valid not before to this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> Issued on from this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> Issued on to this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> Revoked on from this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> ​Revoked on to this date (YYYY-mm-dd)
> May I request a native English speaker to review those in their context
> (certificates) and possibly clarify those?
> ​Regards,
> J.​
> --
> Jérôme Fenal

Jérôme Fenal
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