Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 4.4.2013 22:44, Rob Crittenden wrote:
This patch works well enough against a devel build at
http://nkinder.fedorapeople.org/389-devel/ without the Requires on 1.3.1
(the devel build still claims to be

I bumped Requires because <https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/534> says
it is planned for 1.3.1.

The patch itself doesn't do much yet but it does what it says it does.

Correct, it is just a pre-requirement for automated replication recovery
and external user mapping.

Automated replication recovery is currently in beer exchange:

As for external user mapping, I'm going to need more input on that.
Alexander and Simo should know more, adding them to CC.


Sure. I didn't mean to imply anything was wrong with the patch, just that we couldn't push it just yet. It seems to do the right thing according to the 389-ds docs, the bits just aren't ready officially yet.


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