Ana Krivokapic wrote:

This patch set deprecates HBAC source hosts from IPA.

See commit messages and the design page[1] for details.


Been a while since I've run the UI but I get an error in FF 18:

Timestamp: 04/10/2013 05:43:31 PM
Error: TypeError: e.messages is undefined
Source File:
Line: 1

The other changes seem to operate fine. I tested with an older client and got reasonable error messages back when I tried to do the various sourcehost things.

I got an unknown error message with --add-sourcehost but it did include the text that the command is deprecated so I think this is acceptable. There isn't a lot we can do, I'm sorry we didn't add this exception in the beginning.

I do wonder if we should leave the warning in hbactest if sourcehost is set though, for those cases where there are already options set.


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