Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
On Wed, 2013-04-10 at 15:35 -0400, Rob Crittenden wrote:
I'm not sure how I'd test it if I got it built.

I'm working on this. I hope to have a clear answer next week. Bear with

Overall looks really good.

I've split up the patch into multiple commits. I've also added .update
files and a patch for ipa-kdb to feed krb5 the right user string.

Please take a look. I *think* I've got everything worked out so far with
the exception of bug numbers / urls. Should every patch have a separate
bug and a link to the design page?

The ticket should go into every commit. I'd probably put the design link there too, just for completeness. Future bug fixes, et all aren't going to require the design page, but since these commits are all related to the initial feature it will be nice to have.

You can have multiple patches on the same ticket/bug.


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