this fixes incorrect descriptions of the --external_cert_file & --external_ca_file options.


From fba3d395b4c32e2b760ef6182be6df61c052474b Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Petr Viktorin <pvikt...@redhat.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 14:44:22 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] ipa-server-install: correct help text for

The options take PEM certificates, not PKCS#10.
This corrects both the --help output and the man page.

 install/tools/ipa-server-install       | 4 ++--
 install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1 | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/install/tools/ipa-server-install b/install/tools/ipa-server-install
index da3caa08d2b00fe3a750ef53573d7d2275635327..ddc87b3e37defec8fd0c19c2dea0d2762c43242e 100755
--- a/install/tools/ipa-server-install
+++ b/install/tools/ipa-server-install
@@ -169,9 +169,9 @@ def parse_options():
     cert_group.add_option("", "--external-ca", dest="external_ca", action="store_true",
                       default=False, help="Generate a CSR to be signed by an external CA")
     cert_group.add_option("", "--external_cert_file", dest="external_cert_file",
-                      help="File containing PKCS#10 certificate")
+                      help="PEM file containing a certificate signed by the external CA")
     cert_group.add_option("", "--external_ca_file", dest="external_ca_file",
-                      help="File containing PKCS#10 of the external CA chain")
+                      help="PEM file containing the external CA chain")
     cert_group.add_option("--no-pkinit", dest="setup_pkinit", action="store_false",
                       default=True, help="disables pkinit setup steps")
     cert_group.add_option("--dirsrv_pkcs12", dest="dirsrv_pkcs12",
diff --git a/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1 b/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
index 6959a314785e5020ed1d7701873baf3c2260c2df..59219c14727c5a3062d06d5ef02eb0eebdc9c4f2 100644
--- a/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
+++ b/install/tools/man/ipa-server-install.1
@@ -88,10 +88,10 @@ An unattended installation that will never prompt for user input
 Generate a CSR to be signed by an external CA
-File containing PKCS#10 certificate
+PEM file containing a certificate signed by the external CA. Must be given with \-\-external_ca_file.
-File containing PKCS#10 of the external CA chain
+PEM file containing the external CA chain
 Disables pkinit setup steps

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