On 04/16/2013 01:16 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
Require samba 4.0.5 (passdb API changed). Make sure that we use the
right epoch number with samba so that the Requires is correctly

Require krb5 1.11.2-1 to fix missing PAC issue.


This patch makes sure we have the right dependencies in Fedora 19 (and Fedora
18 too for the samba one).


I've tested on f19 with Kerberos from Koji, and got the following test failure in test_cmdline/test_ipagetkeytab.py, test_2_run:

FAIL: Create a keytab with `ipa-getkeytab` for an existing service.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nose/case.py", line 197, in runTest
File "/home/pviktori/freeipa/tests/test_cmdline/test_ipagetkeytab.py", line 110, in test_2_run assert err == 'Keytab successfully retrieved and stored in: %s\n' % self.keytabname

The command works, the test fails because it doesn't expect warnings about Camellia on stderr. I assume they're benign?

Failed to retrieve encryption type Camellia-128 CTS mode with CMAC (#25)
Failed to retrieve encryption type Camellia-256 CTS mode with CMAC (#26)
Keytab successfully retrieved and stored in: /tmp/tmpvLHm7l

On f18 my smoke testing is going fine.


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