On 04/16/2013 12:45 PM, Petr Spacek wrote:
> Hello,
> Explicitly return SERVFAIL if PTR synchronization is misconfigured.
> SERVFAIL will be returned if PTR synchronization is enabled
> in forward zone but reverse zone has dynamic updates disabled.

What the patch does little bit differs from what the commit
message says. Explanation follows:

Snip from ldap_helper.c (starting line 2959):

/* Get attribute "idnsAllowDynUpdate" for reverse zone or use default. */
dns_name_free(&zone_name, mctx);
dns_name_init(&zone_name, NULL);
CHECK(dn_to_dnsname(mctx, owner_zone_dn_ptr, &zone_name, NULL));

zone_settings = NULL;
result = zr_get_zone_settings(ldap_inst->zone_register, &zone_name,
if (result != ISC_R_SUCCESS) {
        if (result == ISC_R_NOTFOUND)
                log_debug(3, "active zone '%s' not found", zone_dn);
        goto cleanup;
        You replaced this goto with "CLEANUP_WITH(DNS_R_SERVFAIL)" but
        the check if dynamic updates in reverse zone are enabled
        is done in the following IF statement

CHECK(setting_get_bool("dyn_update", zone_settings, &zone_dyn_update));
if (!zone_dyn_update) {
        log_debug(3, "dynamic update is not allowed in zone "
                     "'%s'", zone_dn);

The patch modifies the plugin to explicitly return SERVFAIL if there was
some error while getting settings of PTR zone (the zone does not exist,

Maybe it would be good to explicitly return SERVFAIL also if dynamic
updates in PTR zone are disabled and modify the commit message to
better express what this patch does.


Tomas Hozza

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