On 05/28/2013 02:35 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Mon, 27 May 2013, Tomas Babej wrote:
We got rid of openldap utilities now. While using python.ldap module, I also made the tests much more robust and added a new test case.
In general patches look fine, there is one small nitpick.
I'll run tests on Monday and then will provide final ACK.

--- a/tests/test_xmlrpc/test_range_plugin.py
+++ b/tests/test_xmlrpc/test_range_plugin.py
@@ -22,66 +22,171 @@ Test the `ipalib/plugins/idrange.py` module, and XML-RPC in general.

from ipalib import api, errors, _
+from ipapython.ipautil import run
This import is unused, can be removed.

Fixed, thanks for catching that.

Updated patch attached.
So I tried to run this test on a machine where there is already trust
established and I think there should be done some changes.

I perused the log. Seems that the failures you're experiencing are not relevant to the patch itself,
since the newly added tests passed.

This is problem with test_range_plugin.py tests that has been there for quite a while, the parameters of the ranges such as size, and base ID/RID/secondary RID are hardcoded in the test case.

Probably it would be wise to add pre-start procedure to pull existing
ranges and define constants for the ranges so that they don't overlap
with existing ones. Perhaps selecting something from a top of the range

Attached is the log

I agree. This has not been relevant until now, since we did not do much testing on IPA instances with trusts set up, and even then there's random factor in having the overlap with the already created
trust range.

I'd propose fixing this in a separate effort as a part of continouous integration improvements. I see it
as a separate issue of its own.

What do you think?


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