On Fri, 07 Jun 2013, Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 06/07/2013 08:58 AM, Martin Kosek wrote:
Hello Jan a Peter, freeipa-devel users,

There was recently a project of integrating FreeIPA server with Jboss EAP. One
of the results of this project should be a script able to conveniently
configure JBoss EAP on a machine to use FreeIPA as an identity&authentication

What I would like to find out is what would be the best place to store&maintain
such script. AFAIK, JBoss EAP did not want to keep the configuration script
with their project - can you Peter please share the reasons for it? I was
thinking it would be then easier to maintain the script according to JBoss EAP

Second option would be to deploy the script with FreeIPA project. Then, they
would also conform to FreeIPA release schedule and not JBoss ones. So I was
pondering where should we put scripts like this one, it is quite a specific
script, so I do not want to keeping it with freeipa-client package.

In this case I would propose creating a new optional subpackage
"freeipa-client-jboss" which would include all scripts/docs for the JBoss EAP
integration (may extend in future). In future, there may also come more
thematic FreeIPA integration scripts when they cannot be stored in relevant
upstream projects.

Any ideas? Is the correct approach to keep configuration scripts for other
upstream projects?

There are two parts of the question:
1) Code aspect
2) RPM/SRPM aspect

IMO the code can live in IPA git repo in a separate directory or be a
completely separate source code project.
We can start with IPA repo and spin it off like we did with the
ding-libs if we see a need.

As for packaging IMO it should be a separate SRPM (or a part of IPA for
now) and produce a separate rpm that should be conditionally installed
if IPA client and EAP are installed on the same system. I wonder if rpm
can do that? Sounds like a conditional require (if something like this
is possible).
Not possible in rpm.

What we do with trusts is equally applicable here -- a separate
subpackage that holds all needed requires. In this case it would be
Requires: to JBoss EAP provides.

Then this separate rpm can be installed alone, pulling JBoss EAP.
Also Anaconda allows to choose a collection to install. Adding 'FreeIPA
Identity Management for JBoss EAP' would be relatively easy -- it is
just a list of packages to pull.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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