The Dogtag team is proud to announce the third errata build for 
Dogtag v10.0.0. 

Builds are available for Fedora 18 and Fedora 19 in the updates-testing
repositories.  Please try them out and provide karma to move them to the
F18 and F19 stable repositories.

== Build Versions ==

== Highlights since Dogtag v. 10.0.2 ==
* Fixes for security flaws in the TPS as described in CVE-2013-1885 and 
* Added checking for sane lengths of the fields in subject DNs in the 
  TPS, to prevent a TPS crash.
* Previously the server certificate name was partially hard-coded.  Now
  in Tomcat-based subsystems, it can be fully configured using 
  pki_ssl_server_nickname parameter.
* Corrections and additions to man pages and other documentation.

== Detailed Changes since Dogtag v. 10.0.2 ==
akoneru (1):
#599 Improve pkispawn "Installation Summary" block
alee (1):
#486 Document migration steps for dogtag 9 -> dogtag 10 instances
awnuk (4):
#607 Port plug-in randomizing validity
#571 Port patch allowing to include in CRLs NextUpdate calculated base 
     on ThisUpdate
BZ 951501 - correcting JavaScript inability to handle big numbers
BZ 966189 - fix various TPS flaws

cfu (1):
BZ 952500 - small patch to remove eclipse warning in fix to BZ 952500

edewata (1)
#631 Hard-coded server certificate nickname.

jmagne (1):
BZ 963073 - rhcs81 tps crash for CN over than 64 bytes

mharmsen (3):
#606 add restart/start at boot info to pkispawn man page
#610 Document limitation in using GUI install
#629 Package ownership of '/usr/share/pki/etc/' directory 

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