On 19.6.2013 09:48, Tomas Babej wrote:

Provides a pluggable framework for generating configuration
scriptlets and instructions for various machine setups.

Creates a new ipa-client-advise command, available to root user
on the IPA server.

Also provides an example configuration plugin.

I don't like how you abuse our object model in this patch. For example, why does Configuration inherit from Method? It does not represent method of any object, it doesn't even represent a runnable command. I see you added an artificial advise object, which uses the ldap2 backend, but doesn't actually use LDAP, this is also ugly.

Please inherit from Plugin directly and create a new API namespace for advises instead. And don't call the class Configuration, it's misleading (Advise or Advisory is better IMHO).


Jan Cholasta

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