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ipa-config-advisor ?

IMO we should stick to a verb in the name, so ipa-config-advise.
Then it is better to be simpler, ipa-advise is a nice name.
Isn't that too simple? Are you trying to create an all knowing
advisor for IPA? If I am a user, I would really not know what
means and what advise could it give to me.

# ipa-advise "what pair of socks should I take for today?"

ipa-config-advise was better IMHO.
then as soon as you need to 'advise' on something that is not config
related it becomes akward, also ipa-config-advise is much longer to
type and 'config' doesn't really add much.

As for the user 'man ipa-advise' will neatly explain what it will
advise about, I think that is sufficient.
Nobody will expect 'ipa'-advise to provide info about non-ipa
related stuff anyway.

As for the actual command line options I do wonder as well why you
need a --setup or --about option at all.

ipa-advise 'topic' is sufficient imo.

options that may make sense are things like --verbose so that you
can have a small excerpt with the short form and a much longer text
with --verbose if necessary. Although maybe we should just reference
man pages for longer text and not try to create a new manpage
substitute, we certainly should always provide all the content in
man pages first.


So if I want an advise about Solaris 11 client configuration would it
look like this?

ipa-advise config --client --distro=solaris  --version=11


ipa-advise client-config-solrais-11

The latter.

My point is that if the topics would be long and there will be many of
them we should have a naming convention for them.

Sure, but I am not so certain whether we can come up with anything reasonable, that can capture all the use
cases and be simple enough at the same time.

E.g., somebody might provide a plugin to generate records for DNS zone delegation (using Petr's idea here). Such a plugin does not really fit into client|server-os-version schema.

We can probably start naming plugins in a fairly systematic way, and ensure that we will not create mess in the future via review process.


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