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On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Tomas Babej wrote:
So if I want an advise about Solaris 11 client configuration would it
look like this?

ipa-advise config --client --distro=solaris  --version=11


ipa-advise client-config-solrais-11

The latter.

My point is that if the topics would be long and there will be many of
them we should have a naming convention for them.

Sure, but I am not so certain whether we can come up with anything reasonable, that can capture all the use
cases and be simple enough at the same time.
Making plugins to provide their activities named as


will make it easy to group and use:

   ipa-advise config-solaris11-padl
      ....    config-freebsd7-padl
      ....    config-aix63-native
      ....    list
      ....    help
      ....    setup-ipa-trust2ad
      ....    setup-ipa-dnsdelegation

and so on.

   ipa-advise list

would show all plugins (filtering itself, i.e. list and help plugin)
with their short descriptions.

E.g., somebody might provide a plugin to generate records for DNS zone delegation (using Petr's idea here). Such a plugin does not really fit into client|server-os-version schema.

We can probably start naming plugins in a fairly systematic way, and ensure that we will not create mess in the future via review process.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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