On 08/19/2013 03:50 PM, Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 19.8.2013 14:02, Petr Viktorin wrote:
I've read the patches and have some initial comments; I'll get to
functional testing (and writing related CA-less tests) right away.

The patches need a small rebase (attached since I did it anyway).

Patch 152: OK (I saw some issues but they're fixed later on)
Patch 153: You can use log_file_name = '/var/log/ipa/default.log' on the
ServerCertInstall class to keep the default log file.

What is the benefit in doing this? All ipa-server-certinstall did when
using this file was complain about /var/log/ipa being non-existent.

Ah, okay. If it was a deliberate change, please mention it in the commit message.

Patch 154: OK
Patch 155: All this is removed by patch 157, please squash them together.
Patch 156: OK
Patch 157: Please add the delete_cert method to the NSSDatabase class,
and have CertDB call it (see e.g. run_certutil, find_server_certs,
import_pkcs12). The CertDB is only meant for IPA-specific functionality.
Patch 158: OK

The usage looks a bit strange to me. Having the --dirsrv_pin and --http_pin options doesn't make sense if there's only one certificate. Should we add a --pin option, and make these deprecated aliases of it? Or make the -d and -w options take individual arguments (which would be backwards incompatible)? Also, it should be possible to enter the pin(s) and DM password interactively.


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