Petr Viktorin wrote:

This patch adds man pages for testing tools.
As far as I can see, we use autotools for installing man pages. I added
the autotools machinery to ipatests/man only. I'd appreciate if an
autotools expert could check if this approach is OK.
Or would it be better to not use autotools at all here? (part 5)

You don't have any man pages in section 8 so that can be removed from

You need to add a line break for the various ways to run the commands.

ipa-test-config [options]
ipa-test-config [options] --global
ipa-test-config [options] hostname

renders as

ipa-test-config   [options]    ipa-test-config    [options]    --global
ipa-test-config [options] hostname

ipa-test-config lacks a header.

ipa-test-config doesn't say where the configuration is stored.

ipa-test-task, in the install-topo description drop the word Please.

Almost none of the 72 options to ipa-run-test are documented in the man page.


It's a shame the test commands don't run in the tree.

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