On 08/29/2013 03:03 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 08/28/2013 12:02 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Viktorin wrote:

This patch adds man pages for testing tools.
As far as I can see, we use autotools for installing man pages. I added
the autotools machinery to ipatests/man only. I'd appreciate if an
autotools expert could check if this approach is OK.
Or would it be better to not use autotools at all here?

https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3855 (part 5)

Thanks for the review!

You don't have any man pages in section 8 so that can be removed from


You need to add a line break for the various ways to run the commands.

ipa-test-config [options]
ipa-test-config [options] --global
ipa-test-config [options] hostname

renders as

ipa-test-config   [options]    ipa-test-config    [options]    --global
ipa-test-config [options] hostname


ipa-test-config lacks a header.

Which header do you mean? I see the same header as on the other pages.

ipa-test-config doesn't say where the configuration is stored.

It is not stored anywhere; it's read from environment variables and
printed to stdout. I've clarified the description a bit.

ipa-test-task, in the install-topo description drop the word Please.


Almost none of the 72 options to ipa-run-test are documented in the man

These are taken from the "nosetests" command and documented in
nosetests(1). Also, the list can change depending on what plugins are
I think pointing the reader to nosetests(1) is enough.


It's a shame the test commands don't run in the tree.

Well, they will work in-tree if you set PYTHONPATH to the tree.

For example these work without the packages installed:
    PYTHONPATH=. ./ipatests/ipa-run-tests test_ipalib/test_config.py
    PYTHONPATH=. ./ipatests/ipa-test-task uninstall-all

You can also point the system-installed ipa-run-tests to in-tree tests.
You just need to use an absolute path because it changes the current
     ipa-run-tests `pwd`/ipatests/test_ipalib/test_config.py

ACK. Please correct the creation date in the man pages before pushing.


Thank you! Corrected & pushed.
master: f742520760d1b146cd3c5e79a6c86a024570ff6a
ipa-3-3: 5945988d7373d65d5a38b11ade84fabe9ac7bb68


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