Sorry for cross posting to 4 different lists but it seems that this is
the best way to include most of people who might be interested in this

The question of "When FreeIPA will be available on Debian?" has been
coming up periodically on the list(s) without any resolution. However it
is clear that it would be beneficial for the community and the project.

May be it is time to try again?
Let us see why it yet has not happened?

1) Some components need to be ported to Debian especially Dogtag and a
slew of its new RESTEasy dependencies. This requires time and quite an
effort from someone familiar with the domain.
2) The code needs to be changed in installer and potentially in other
places as it might have had some Fedorizms blended in
3) Someone needs to own packages in Debian and maintain them, someone
with good knowledge of the distro and time to take ownership of about 50

Can we pull it off together this time?
Say we plan for some Dogtag and IPA domain experts to work on the port
during Nov 13 - Feb 14 and address 1) and 2). Would there be any
interest to join forces with them? Would there be anyone to take on item
3) from the list above?

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager for IdM portfolio
Red Hat Inc.

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