On 09/06/2013 02:58 PM, Ana Krivokapic wrote:

This patch fixes the regression introduced by the original fix for ticket #3867.


Thank, ACK, pushed to:
master: a70b08e9aea891555ebee512de196748a835acb8
ipa-3-3: 658e734d2c453381a04e9ed72ea6ee9d50cea097

Tiny nitpicks below.

+            msg = ("\nWARNING: Failed to connect to Directory Server to find "
+                   "information about replication agreements. Uninstallation "
+                   "will continue dispite the possible existing replication "

                                     ^^^^^^ Typo, fixed before pushing

+                   "agreements.\n\n")
+                if not (options.unattended or user_input("Are you sure you "
+                                                         "want to continue "
+                                                         "with the uninstall "
+                                                         "procedure?",
+                                                         False)):

This looks funny :)
On a more rational note, unnecessarily breaking up strings makes them harder to grep.
In the future you can use the `msg` trick you used for the WARNING above.


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