The Dogtag team is proud to announce the fifth errata build for 
Dogtag 10.0. 

Builds are available for Fedora 18 and Fedora 19 in the updates-testing
repositories.  Please try them out and provide karma to move them to the
F18 and F19 stable repositories.  Karma can be provided at for each package.

== Build Versions ==

== Highlights since Dogtag 10.0.4 ==

*  Due to changes in systemd, restarting Dogtag 10 instances using
systemctl restart failed.  Changes have been made to
the systemd startup configuration to ensure that this works correctly.
In addition, configuration has been added to require systemd to accept
an exit status of 143 (a correct exit status for the JVM) as valid, so
this exit value will no longer be reported in the system logs.
* Due to changes in the python-requests, a new exception (ProxyError)
was returned when attempting to connect to a server that is not yet
available.  This affected pkispawn installation code when we wait for a
server to restart.  The code has been modified to handle this (and
other) exceptions.

* In a case following a bad restart, the CS.cfg for an instance
appeared to be cleared or truncated.  The code has been changed to not
write server status to the CS.cfg on startup, but rather to use an
in-memory variable.

* Fixed LDAP search filter code to no longer return certificates expired
for both reason 1 and reason 10 when searching only for reason 1. 

== Detailed Changes since Dogtag 10.0.4 ==

alee (5):
#712    pki cert-find --revocationReason 1 finds certs expired for 
        reason 1 and reason 10
#714    CS.cfg cleared
#716    pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat.service does not start when is started
#717    Proxy error while getting status when spawning CA
#719    Incorrect value in CS,cfg for manager.ldif location

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