On 09/13/2013 11:55 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
> On 09/05/2013 06:25 AM, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
>> This patch has a few problems that I'd like some help with. There are a
>> few notes here as well.
> snip
> Some additional findings:
> 1. Inconsistency: 'ipatokenowner' in command output should be
> normalized the same way as 'manager' in user plugin or 'seealso' in
> selinuxusermap. See _normalize_manager and _convert_manager methods.
> Question for all: Why don't we have general methods for such task?


> 2. Inconsistency: IntEnum doesn't convert input value as Int does. It
> should also allow to specify int in a form of unicode string (IMO).
> 3. IDK how OTP matching works internally, so the following might not
> be an issue, it just looks suspicious to me: I'm talking about
> handling of default values for ipatokenotpalgorithm, ipatokenotpdigits
> and ipatokentotptimestep.
> - Defaults are hardcoded in otp_add.pre_callback and the same in auth.c.
> - when values are not supplied, OTP token configuration uri is created
> with the defaults.
> - the values are not saved to LDAP
> What will happen when these defaults will change (ie. when we want to
> use more secure hashing algorithm)? I assume that OTP daemon will use
> its defaults if there are no values in LDAP. After such change the
> defaults are different than the values the token was configured with
> so the evaluation process will fail.
> Should we save the values to LDAP? Or can we be sure that the defaults
> won't change? Or am I completely wrong?
> 4. When I pass incorrectly formatted values for options
> ipatokennotbefore and ipatokennotafter
> i will get an error message saying:
> "ipatokenNotBefore: value #0 invalid per syntax: Invalid syntax."
> This message doesn't tell me what's is the correct format nor there is
> any description.

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