On 09/12/2013 07:59 PM, Ana Krivokapic wrote:
> Hello,
> The design document for $SUBJECT can be found at:
> http://www.freeipa.org/page/V3/Automember_rebuild_membership
> Related tickets:
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3752
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3928
> Thoughts, comments, questions welcome.

Besides membership reset discussion happening in second thread I other comments.

1) I think we should also design permission&ACIs for the automember rebuild
task creation (cn=automember rebuild membership,cn=tasks,cn=config container).
You can talk to Petr3 about that as he is current working on redesigning ACIs.
Just so that you are in sync.

2) About the "Implementation" part and "automember rebuild membership"

I do not think this is good approach. I do not know how do you plan doing the

I do not think this workflow would work with our framework. We do not have
support for confirming except if you would implement it in
interactive_prompt_callback. But then the functionality would not be available
for Web UI.

I would rather add an option --dry-run or --test for all new automember
commands which would return how would the updated entry look like. BTW, did the
automember export updates task work for you? I tried this LDIF and
/tmp/automember.ldif was empty:

dn: cn=my export task 1, cn=automember export updates,cn=tasks,cn=config
changetype: add
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
cn: my export task 1
basedn: cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
filter: (uid=*)
scope: sub
ldif: /tmp/automember.ldif

Adding Mark to CC in case if he has any advise for utilizing the export task in

By the way, using this approach I think we would also hit issues with
permissions on the resulting LDIF, given it is created by DS and would be read
by Apache. SELinux would be complaining as well. To sum it up, I am not sure
this will be that easy and straightforward.


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