On 2.9.2013 15:58, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
Hi Nalin,

attached please find two patches that fix minor Coverity issues.

The first patch is for issue 11937 which is a false positive but caught
up wrong use of the helper method -- the method map_data_set_entry()
passes key and value length arguments through to map_data_save_list()
which expects them to be arrays but we pass pointer to the variable.
Luckily, in our case map_data_save_list() never goes beyond element 0 of
the array so the fix is mostly cosmetic.

The second fix is in PAM wrapper in the tests and minor too -- we would
leak a memory if PAM wrapper wasn't called under wrapping condition.

The same patches are in my Fedora people slapi-nis tree, branch


Petr^2 Spacek

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