On 10/21/2013 08:33 AM, Petr Spacek wrote:
> On 21.10.2013 01:42, Nathan Kinder wrote:
>> On 10/20/2013 01:33 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
>>> I was searching for a ticket in the depth of the backlog when I found
>>> some tickets we should probably just close as they are not relevant
>>> anymore or have been superseded by alternative implementations.
>>> If nobody objects I'd like to close the follwing tickets:
>>> #582 - simply old and no more relevant


>>> #232 - superseded by #3859 (or reference from #3859 ?)
>>> #233 - superseded by #3859 (or reference from #3859 ?)

I would rather close the old ones and refer to the new ticket, just for the
case of easier ticket manipupation.

>>> #192 - it seem we settled, do we still want to do this ?
>> I don't think that there a big need to do this anymore.  We've added more and
>> more capabilities to the FreeIPA password plug-in over time. In some ways,
>> it's nice to have a separate password plug-in since  just for FreeIPA as 
>> we've
>> added all of these other capabilities that are really FreeIPA specific (such
>> as OTP).  If we wanted to leverage a 389 DS password policy plug-in that also
>> allows us to plug-in all of these other password related capabilities, the
>> (not yet developed) 389 DS password policy API might have to be fairly 
>> complex.


>>> #191 - cryptic, do we still want to do something here ?
> Are we speaking about Web UI, right? IMHO a search capability is necessary if
> you have thousands of users. You simply can't use paging to find a 1 user from
> 10 000. (This assumes that people with 10 000 users use Web UI...)

I would not close this one, I think it could prove useful in future. Currently,
Web UI cannot search only on a specific user entry, AFAIR.

>>> #126 - I think we should close WONTFIX
> I agree. We have how-to for people who insist on chroot.


>>> #908 - I do not think we care much for the openssl dependency anymore
>>> #2133 - superseded by #3007
>> Agreed.


Thanks for the archeological work you did, Simo.


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