On 12/09/2013 05:43 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
Clean up the .gitignore file:
- Remove no longer used .gitignore entries, like .bzr files
- Do not repeat autotools generated files over and over again
- Whitelist existent Makefiles in the repository
- Better separate the .gitignore entries


When porting Jan's patches downstream, I had hard time merging changes to
/Makefile in the repository as it was stated in .gitignore which made git (and
me) suffer. I fixed that by whitelisting this one.

Unfortunately, when I saw other entries in .gitignore I could not resist and
refactored the file to make it (hopefully) simpler and easier to maintain.


Thanks! ACK, pushed to master: 1e0405880fb1855563cb9b58a39213e1d3b4a2c6


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