New RPMs are up:

* 389ds OTP Last Token Plugin
* 389ds OTP Sync Plugin
* HOTP token support
* OTP UI is now working

All of the non-UI code is currently on the list. Petr is working on UI
cleanup. You can see all the patches here:

Setting User Auth Type globally doesn't work:

SELinux is broken on F20 (should be fixed in rawhide):

User's can't add their own tokens. A patch to fix this is in the RPMs,
but currently has a bug. A workaround exists. Details are here:

Alexander Bokovoy (I think) found some issues when interacting with
pkinit. I don't know the state of this.

Alexander Bokovoy found a bug with SSSD that has (a few minutes ago)
been patched. Details are here:

* UI patches polished and sent to the list.
* OTP Sync Client (both CLI and UI).


On Fri, 2013-12-13 at 15:57 -0500, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> This is an email to track the status of the OTP project as we push
> toward completion. I'm also attempting to get all the pieces in play so
> that they are testable.
> RPMs
> Available here:
> These currently contain the CLI and UI patches, but exclude the DS
> plugin patch. I will merge this last patch in when submitted to the
> list.
> All of the patches are merged except npmccallum-0024, which is
> undergoing active review.
> Thanks to Petr Vobornik for his set of patches implementing the UI. They
> can be found rebased on top of my otp changes here:
> Authentication methods and RADIUS proxy support seems to be fully
> functional and I have not encountered any bugs. I'm not currently able
> to get the OTP UI to show up at all (I may well be doing something
> wrong).
> I believe Petr plans to clean these up and resubmit them to the list.
> One additional patch will be required for the token sync extop.
> I am nearing completion on the DS plugin providing support for deletion
> protection and the token sync extop. This should hit the list next week.
> Am I missing anything?
> Nathaniel
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