On Sun, 12 Jan 2014, Jakub Hrozek wrote:
On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 01:20:59AM +0200, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Thu, 09 Jan 2014, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
>New RPMs are up: http://npmccallum.fedorapeople.org/freeipa-otp/rpms/
Just as a note -- we can use copr service to provide a better experience
for testing. I made a copr repo with previous patchset last year:
Any Fedora contributor can make own copr repositories.

>* 389ds OTP Last Token Plugin
>* 389ds OTP Sync Plugin
>* HOTP token support
>* OTP UI is now working
>All of the non-UI code is currently on the list. Petr is working on UI
>cleanup. You can see all the patches here:
>Setting User Auth Type globally doesn't work:
>SELinux is broken on F20 (should be fixed in rawhide):
There seem to be two parts, one is covered by this bug and another one
is related to SSSD/logind communication:

allow sssd_t systemd_logind_var_run_t:dir search;
allow sssd_t systemd_logind_var_run_t:file { read getattr open };

Interesting, which version are you running? The logind support is
currently only present in master (aka 1.12 dev)
I'm running master, of course ;)

>User's can't add their own tokens. A patch to fix this is in the RPMs,
>but currently has a bug. A workaround exists. Details are here:
>Alexander Bokovoy (I think) found some issues when interacting with
>pkinit. I don't know the state of this.
It is unclear what exactly happens but from Jakub Hrozek's testing we
saw that on client side (preauth2.c) in tryagain() code 'pkinit' module
gets control despite 'otp' module returns success and modified pa_data.
'pkinit' cannot process pa_data afterwards and therefore returns error
which is interpreted by the libkrb5 as a failure of preauth processing.

Right, I can see this problem on my local VM test machines. Ping me if
you'd like to run some tests and I can create a tunnel. Petr Vobornik
was also seeing some failures that seemed similar, but with my limited
Kerberos knowledge I can't tell for certain if it's the same problem.
This is certainly related to some instability in these new features in
Kerberos release -- we are dealing with a new code after all, only
recently getting full stack to properly test it.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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