On 31.1.2014 16:06, Martin Basti wrote:
Reverse domain names in form "0/" are now

Ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4143
Patches attached.

I think the validation should be more strict. IPv4 reverse zones should allow slash only in the label for the last octet (i.e. 0/ is valid, 0.1/25.168.192 is not). IPv6 reverse zones should not allow slash at all.

+def _cname_hostname_validator(ugettext, value):

Can you name this _bind_cname_hostname_validator, so that it is clear it is related to _bind_hostname_validator?

+        #classless reverse zones can contain slash '/'
+ if not zone_is_reverse(normalized_zone) and (normalized_zone.count('/') > 0):
+            raise errors.ValidationError(name='name',
+ error=_("Only reverse zones can contain '/' in labels"))

This should be handled in _domain_name_validator. Validation in pre_callback should be done only when the validation depends on values of multiple parameters, which is not this case.

+ def _reverse_zone_pre_callback(self, ldap, dn, entry_attrs, *keys, **options):

Rename this to _idnsname_pre_callback and you won't have to call it explicitly in run_precallback_validators.

+            if addr.count('/') > 0:

I think "if '/' in addr:" would be better.

-def validate_dns_label(dns_label, allow_underscore=False):
+def validate_dns_label(dns_label, allow_underscore=False, allow_slash=False):

IMO instead of adding a new boolean argument, it would be nicer to replace allow_underscore with an argument (e.g. allowed_chars) which takes a string of extra allowed characters.


Jan Cholasta

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