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Improve performance of initial LDAP synchronization.

Changes are not journaled and SOA serial is not incremented during initial
LDAP synchronization.

This eliminates unnecessary synchronous writes to journal and also
unnecessary SOA serial writes to LDAP.

See commit messages and comments in syncrepl.c for all the gory details.


Patches look good. AXFR and IXFR works as expected. Also BIND starts up much
faster with these patches. Good job... :)



Hmm, further testing revealed that patch 203 changed behavior little bit:
Zones were loaded from LDAP correctly, but the SOA serial wasn't changed at
all. As a result, zone transfers return inconsistent results if the data in
LDAP are changed when BIND was not running.

Patch 203-v2 imitates the old behavior from bind-dyndb-ldap 3.x: Zone serial
is bumped *once* for each zone, so any changed in LDAP will be transferred
correctly (with new serial).

Patch 202 v2 was rebased and fixes reconnection to LDAP and solves deadlock
caused by too eager locking.

Patch 203 v3 was rebased and fixes reconnection to LDAP.

These patches should go to master branch.

Pushed to master branch:

Petr^2 Spacek

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