On 03/14/2014 07:58 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 03/12/2014 07:48 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

Here are a couple more enhancements I'm considering, this seems simpler
than inter-diff since it is so small.

Not really. Having a patch file with a sequence+revision number you can
refer to has its merits. Especially in a hairy thread like this one.
Also one of our MUAs wrapped the lines, I had to undo that manually.

Here is why I made the changes, in order:

I doubled the calls to create the connection but one isn't in a
try/except!? Remove the obvious one.

We currently completely eat GSSAPI errors, I figure we should log

IPA stores the principal in the request context so using that will save
a GSSAPI call (and as we learned, a lock in gssproxy).

I included your content-type change.

These changes look good.
I'm almost done testing but I need to call it a week.

Awesome, thanks.

ACK on the functionality.

Sorry for not catching that last time, but your patch doesn't add a
*versioned* BuildRequres on python-kerberos, instead it adds a duplicate
unversioned one. So lint (and thus the build) will fail if the old
python-kerberos version is installed.

A possible a solution to the build trouble would be to just add a lint
exception now, and open a ticket to remove it later. That way the build
succeeds despite the older version, and the new python-kerberos is only
needed when installing freeipa-server-foreman-smartproxy.
That should make everyone happy, including Martin.
Unfortunately our lint exception mechanism doesn't work on modules, so
this needs a somewhat nastier hack.
The attaching a patch that does this (and I'm pasting a simple diff
below). Does that look okay to push?

I'm trying to find a better solution to all this. I may end up taking
Martin's suggestion of rawhide-only to avoid this sort of thing.

Looks like you'll still need to silence pylint on f20 in that case.

The deal with the smartproxy is that you can/should be able to run it on
any IPA-enrolled client, so you can run it directly on the Foreman box,
with the IPA server somewhere else. What this means is that someone
could probably fairly easily package this up for other distributions and
if we end up with a Fedora-only python-kerberos patch then smartproxy is
Fedora-only as well.

So I'm trying to get some movement out of upstream on this but it's been
crickets for weeks. I think in the context of the calendar server
PyKerberos is small potatoes so doesn't get much lovin'. I'll amp up the
nagging to get some sort of response, even if it is "stop nagging us!"


Good luck!


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