On Fri, 14 Mar 2014 13:26:15 -0400
Rob Crittenden <rcrit...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Misnyovszki Adam wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > automember-rebuild uses asynchronous 389 task, and returned success
> > even if the task didn't run. This patch fixes this issue adding a
> > --nowait parameter to 'ipa automember-rebuild', defaulting to False,
> > thus when the script runs without it, it waits for the
> > 'nstaskexitcode' attribute, which means the task has finished,
> > according to
> > http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Task_Invocation_Via_LDAP#Implementation.
> > Old usage can be enabled using --nowait.
> >
> > https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4239
> >
> > Request for comments:
> > - Should I add a parameter to specify the polling time? (now 1ms)
> > - Should I add a parameter to specify the maximum polling number?
> > Now if something fails about creating the task, it polls forever.
> > - Obviously, if these parameters should be added, there should be a
> >    reasonable default for them (~ Required=False, Default=X).
> I don't think you need a polling time, esp since this is hidden from
> the user, but I think that is probably too short and you may end up 
> hammering the LDAP server.
> I also wonder if there should be some maximum wait time. I don't like 
> loops that can never exit. I'm at a loss for what that time should be 
> though. And we'd need to spell out that we gave up waiting, not that
> the task necessarily failed. So rather than having a polling time
> option, rename nowait into wait_for=20, so wait for 20 seconds. Or
> something like that.
> I'd suggest using get_entry since you already know the full DN and
> there is only ever one. It would make this much more readable.
> I wonder if some top-level documentation should be added to flesh
> this out some more. This does, for example, return False in one case.
> The meaning for that should be spelled out.
> rob

personally I would keep --no-wait, with a delay of 1 seconds, and a
maximum waiting time for 60 seconds. Questions is, do we need to
parameterize with other parameters(wait-for to the maximum time,
and/or poll-delay for the delay time, both not required), or it is not a
case which worth to develop?

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