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Subject:        Re: FreeIPA 3.3.5
Date:   Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:27:32 -0700
From:   Matthew Harmsen <>
To:     Martin Kosek <>,

On 03/27/14 04:45, Martin Kosek wrote:
Hello all!

I think we are close to releasing next bugfixing version on FreeIPA 3.3.5. We
have a lot of bug fixes to offer, especially in the AD Trust area. I wrote the
changelog to our wiki, fixes or suggestions welcome:

I have just one last concern though, the remaining PKI clone installation issue
I found:

Do we want to release before this ticket is closed or wait? Question is if
fixing Dogtag 10 based clone installation is enough to allow us to release or
not. Matthew (CCed), do we have any ETA when the fix would be available?

Ticket #933 is next on my list, but I must replicate the issue first,
and then come
up with a patch.

My best guess is that I would not have anything before sometime next week.

This issue only involves replicating a FreeIPA system which is using
Dogtag 9 (e. g. - RHEL 6, Fedora 17) to a Free IPA system using Dogtag 10.1
(e. g. - Fedora 20 - the change was made in pki-core-10.1.1.fc20).

Regardless of your decision, this issue will be the next bug fixed, and
it is planned
to be included in the next build (e. g. - pki-core-10.1.2.fc20).

-- Matt

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