Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 04/04/2014 02:50 PM, Ade Lee wrote:
     This patch adds the capability of installing a Dogtag DRM
     to an IPA instance.  With this patch, when ipa-server-install
     is run, a Dogtag CA and a Dogtag DRM are created.  The DRM
     shares the same tomcat instance and DS instance as the Dogtag CA.
     Moreover, the same admin user/agent (and agent cert) can be used
     for both subsystems.  Certmonger is also confgured to monitor the
     new subsystem certificates.

     It is also possible to clone the DRM.  When the IPA instance is
     cloned, if --enable-ca and --enable-drm are specified, the DRM
     is cloned as well.

     Installing a DRM requires the user to have a Dogtag CA instance.
     We can look into possibly relaxing that requirement in a later patch.

     I am still working on patches for a ipa-drm-install script, which
     would be used to add a DRM to an existing master (that includes
     a dogtag CA), or an existing clone.

    Please review,


Any takers?

I'm going to look at it. Ade has provided a COPR build of the dogtag bits we'll need at


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