On 25.4.2014 13:06, Misnyovszki Adam wrote:
first patch redesigns attribute box in permission forms, making it
a bigger scrollable checkboxlist. Second one adds a filter field to it
for better user experience, if the checkboxlist would be too large.
Also, webui unit tests for rbac are updated to work properly with the
new widget.

Patch 16:

1. jslint warnings:
- aci.js(559): lint warning: undeclared identifier: attr_container
- aci.js(590): lint warning: undeclared identifier: attr_container

2. you can reuse existing create method of checkboxes widget since attribute widget inherits from it. The same with create_options - option_widget_base.create_options will do the trick. But be careful, it expects different param.

2a. in patch 17 you will have to have custom create method, but the code can be very similar to radio_widget.create method.

Patch 17:

1. jslint warnings:
- aci.js(614): lint warning: missing semicolon

2. too big indentation:
+        that.filter.keyup(function(e) {
+                that.filter_options();

3. ("ul.option_widget.attribute_widget li")
matches all options in all attribute widgets in the app. Limit the search to this widget by the context parameter ($node). It will also allow you to use simpler selector.

Petr Vobornik

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