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Specifying the default in the LDAP Object causes the
parameter to be specified for non-add operations. This is
especially problematic when performing the modify operation
as it causes the primary key to change for every modification.


shouldn't removal of `autofill=True,` be enough?

Removing autofill=True results in the default not being used
for the otptoken-add operation. That may be a different bug
(I'm not sure what the expectation of autofill is).


Seems to work form me with:

diff --git a/ipalib/plugins/otptoken.py
b/ipalib/plugins/otptoken.py index f68ea7d..623f1f1 100644
--- a/ipalib/plugins/otptoken.py
+++ b/ipalib/plugins/otptoken.py
@@ -121,9 +121,7 @@ class otptoken(LDAPObject):
                label=_('Unique ID'),
                default_from=lambda: unicode(uuid.uuid4()),
-            autofill=True,
-            flags=('optional_create'),

Doing this causes the ipa otptoken-add command to prompt for the
Unique ID. This may be the desired behavior, but it is not how it
worked previously (no prompt).

Here is an alternate patch for this second approach. I have no strong
opinion on the correct behavior here.


IMO you should update API.txt with ./makeapi

Running ./makeapi results in no changes to API.txt.

This is not right, there *are* changes in the API and build fails for me
becase API.txt is not updated.

I think maybe I ran it from the wrong branch. Fixed.

I still need a review of this. It is pretty trivial.


This still prompts for the unique ID on add:

$ ipa otptoken-add
Unique ID [25cb3aa9-db19-40f8-acf4-33ef65ca863c]:

I don't think that's the intended behavior.


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