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see my review notes below:

On Mon, 05 May 2014 18:41:13 +0200
Petr Vobornik <pvobo...@redhat.com> wrote:

This patchset updates Bootstrap 2 based RCUE to Bootstrap 3 based
PatternFly (v0.2.4) according to plan described at:


The rest of the patches are mostly response to new CSS styles + some
new functionality and simplification of UI:
- css cleanup, images cleanup
- adjustment of stand-alone pages to PF
- adjustment of DOM structure to Bootstap 3 structure
- BS 3 enabled to change absolute positioned layout to responsive
fluid layout
- new activity indicators (since the old didn't fit into PF
- new pager styles + additional behavior
- action select transform into dropdown and moved to control-button
section, making the header responsive
- fluid layout requested removal of computation of columns widths
- removal of login.html and logout.html
- new login background (the old one did not work with PF styles)
- new dialog styles
- + additional adjustments to use PF

The result is that UI uses most of PatternFly styles and is

https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4177 - Better indication of
ongoing activity if dialog is opened
  - working progress could have a border. if it is over a dialog,
    sometimes it looks messy over text


https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4136 - WebUI unusable on
Cellphone screen
  - when I open the menu in 320x480, and select and navigate to an item,
    the menu stays open - needs more investigation, if it is freeipa ui


  - qr code is fixed size in otp tokens, doesn't look nice on small
    not a problem, user just clicks on qr code link


  - when a table header is longer, than the actual screen size, overflow
    hidden occurs, unable to use buttons at the end of the header eg DNS
    Resource Records, 320x480px, sometimes delete and add button
    overflows the table, you can only scroll that table with tap
    not a problem, responsive table works this way

I did not encounter overflow hidden issue - scrollbars were present and
I could scroll to the icons.

  - in 320x480, login page configuration text overflows on a white
    background, especially if there is a login error, which makes the
    white text unreadable

Behavior was improved.

https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4255 - Web UI: Display
"Loading" message when a list of entries is being loaded
see working progress comment above
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3435 - [RFE] Remove width
limit in UI
ACK - PatternFly 3 handles this very neatly
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3050 - WebUI: it is not clear
which row a value belongs to
ACK - row color alternation hopefully solves the problem
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4278 - Use Patternfly theme
in config and migration pages
FreeIPA logo doesn't lead anywhere, no way to navigate to the
login page, only by altering the url, or clicking the back button. IMO
logo should always lead to login page if not logged in.

Logo now points to UI

https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4281 - Remove login.html and

Other issues:
  - unit tests have several fails, possibly because of dom changes


  - integration tests ran without errors

Also, according to the UX meeting with Kyle, this patchset should
include the following changes:

  - placeholder for search, box should be on the left
  - actions in one place, on the right in search page
  - actions in one place, on the left in details page
  - action dropdown list to the right near update button in details page
  - left align form fields in details page, two columns arrangement
    if the screen is wide
  - hbac details pages - leave it as it is, no form modification
  - association adder dialog - placeholder for textbox(Filter
    change button text "Filter"
  - search page title should be changed - use dark variant text
  - multi value list - "add" to button, with "undo all" button group
  - multi value list - "delete" should be also a button
  - left align firefox configuration page steps - ie. every static
  - migration should look like login, (~reset_password), text
    should go to right
  - error page "return back" should be a button

All fixed


The suggestions found by UX review resulted in additional 10 new commits
(patch numbers 633-642):

I think, that we should switch from patch files to my git branch to
avoid sending 1-2MB of patches in each review cycle.


To be exact:

git log --pretty=format:%s -47
642 webui: use normal buttons instead of link buttons in multivalued
641 webui: move service action panel actions to action dropdown
640 webui: move host action panel actions to action dropdown
639 webui-ci: assert_action_list_action
638 webui: use dark color for facet titles without pkey
637 webui: association adder dialog - change find label to filter
636 webui: certificate search - select search attribute only when defined
635 webui: change control buttons to normal buttons
634 webui: add search box placeholder text
633 webui: adjust header controls alignment
628 webui: remove old css for standalone pages
627 webui-ci: select search table item - chrome issue
626 webui: use BS alerts in validation_summary_widget
625 webui: adjust login page to PatternFly
624 webui: preload automember default group select list
623 webui: restyle automember default group
622 webui: do not show empty table footer
621 webui: improve pagination
620 webui: activity indicators
619 webui: adjust association adder dialog to PatternFly
618 webui: patternFly dialog
617 webui: move user reset password action to action dropdown
616 webui: move certificate actions to action dropdown
615 webui: add confirmation to action dropdown actions
614 webui: remove select action
613 webui: add space between action buttons's icon and text
612 webui: add action dropdown
611 webui: remove action list widget
610 webui: use h1 in facet title instead of h3
609 webui: change breadcrumb to PatternFly
608 webui: allow multiple base section layouts
607 webui: display undo and multivalued delete buttons in input-group
606 webui: adjust styles to PatternFly
605 webui: change navigation from RCUE to PatternFly
604 webui: remove column sizing in tables, use PF styles
603 webui: change absolutely positioned layout to fluid
602 webui: remove unused images
601 webui: remove unused collapsible feature from section
600 webui: remove unused icons
599 webui: remove remnants of jquery-ui
598 webui: apply PatternFly theme on migration pages
597 webui: styles for alert icons
596 webui: apply PatternFly theme on config pages
595 webui: apply PatternFly login theme on reset_password.html
594 webui: add PaternFly css
593 webui: remove login.html
592 webui: remove logout.html

The branch was rebased and commit

644 webui: move radius proxy action panel commands to header actions


was added.

I've improved UX of alerts. Now dialogs, page header and login screen use the same logic for rendering alerts with icons [1].

It required to implement widget.alert_helper. It was squashed into patch #626 webui: use BS alerts in validation_summary_widget.

Two new patches for dialogs and header alerts:

653 webui: use propert alerts in header notification area
652 webui: proper alerts in dialogs

the branch was updated.

[1] https://www.patternfly.org/widgets/#forms

Petr Vobornik

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