Hi List,

the purpose if this mail is to start a discussion about reorganization of navigation items. Users are not fond of such change so we should come up with a solution which would last for some time.

UX recommendation is that one menu level should contain maximum of 7 items. We have 10 items in Identity, 7 in Policy and 7 in IPA Server. Basically we reached max. capacity of all 1st-level items.

Introduce new 1st-level items and redistribute 2nd-level items.

Initial Draft:

Identity (6)
- Users
- Groups
- Hosts
- Hostgroups
- Netgroups
- Services

Policy (5)  some better name?
- Automount
- Automember
- SELinux User Maps

Authentication (4)
- Radius Server Proxy
- OTP Tokens
- Password Policy
- Kerberos Ticket Policy

Infrastructure (6)  some better name?
- Realm Domains
- Trust
- Views
- ID Ranges
- Certificates

Permissions (3)
- Role Based Access Control
- Self Service Permissions
- Delegation

Configuration (1)
- Global

* draft focuses only on first two levels of navigation
* 'Permission' and 'Configuration' could be merged into old 'IPA Server'
* 'Views' are related to Identity and Trust, they have no meaning without some kind of trust -> are next to 'Trusts' * it's weird to have 'Policy' item and items with "policy" in name to have in 'Authentication'

Comments are welcome
Petr Vobornik

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