On 10.6.2014 01:52, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
On 6/9/2014 8:46 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
I've fixed issues #4, #2, #20 and #18. Commits in the branch, no rebase.

With these 4 changes we are ready for the push. I'll squash them, if

You mean #11 instead of #2? The fixes are confirmed.

Yes #11, sorry for the confusion. Fixed for issue #20 was squashed into patch #640.

Pushed to master:
* ff17af16e7ba953a70c434fea1dbe128810f6028 webui: remove logout.html
* b577b3d3656f51edf0c33bdb00863c03b11ae512 webui: remove login.html
* 6a8eeff22d98c8c32c770869427883198278d077 webui: add PaternFly css
* 78f026bc9013347d4bc2b4c02e72b19495a1b8ac webui: apply PatternFly login theme on reset_password.html * 1829fa2c1571428cb4318443387dde1707fc9641 webui: apply PatternFly theme on config pages
* 5a2aed99baa059e9ccdfd9f0d2f2b4cb68ba8930 webui: styles for alert icons
* f0cf2e10d5ca6ce261c256288e2b6d15b23b1418 webui: apply PatternFly theme on migration pages * b5ebdb604bd2c6edbbd99bbd7f21306cbf367412 webui: remove remnants of jquery-ui
* 6b5b9a118522a53bca40532aa2df326d0f7bfe38 webui: remove unused icons
* 563dcdc3ebbc11cd979454e75e664767f9ea43f8 webui: remove unused collapsible feature from section
* 7e94ee11eb377c8d4ec72e04f618c76f0a30e7a4 webui: remove unused images
* 4333161ac36c9487f225d61c79d8ff904f51d629 webui: change absolutely positioned layout to fluid * 0e15a282e85b0e3eb71fd3fce1965646aeb47a27 webui: remove column sizing in tables, use PF styles * 3eaa69a68681a2478a6feeff7fb9e4cf2a27deee webui: change navigation from RCUE to PatternFly * 2e9e5792bc7c5fd1ed65b4d72e3915442db060f5 webui: adjust styles to PatternFly * bcb2ce7f2464281923dd54396fa18d62e48ffebe webui: display undo and multivalued delete buttons in input-group * 216e710188279d15c262da907efbc09be92fb50a webui: allow multiple base section layouts * ad338b9d74fd3aa22bce5680b39fdaae3b90d5ca webui: change breadcrumb to PatternFly * 3dd34d6e55ae5d671158e2fa8f0213072d897036 webui: use h1 in facet title instead of h3
* fc0926ba91f57cb5cd182f2edf50f24d4cfd7432 webui: remove action list widget
* c7af2458091ba95eccc26f4468234413e8b016b9 webui: add action dropdown
* ec9539d0fde6c368e15c0a07ff75f82adba3f36e webui: add space between action buttons's icon and text
* be3aadd06ad2cdc434827e78e5227f34ecf63aa0 webui: remove select action
* a98df325b6b0d7bf41509e8c8247a9422f179429 webui: add confirmation to action dropdown actions * 4e1c0ad423b0b78f620b72a07d2c174ec76d4a82 webui: move certificate actions to action dropdown * 2f3dc7908d1c62b729ab38b6d684dc0e942c4528 webui: move user reset password action to action dropdown
* faf4fea30fd01ad5f5c372877d0e8fe20963dc91 webui: patternFly dialog
* dff5f6319fd76d6b67b30be4eadbcdb414784802 webui: adjust association adder dialog to PatternFly
* f631b07507d12d2ab5c1b535a987f09cb07a5565 webui: activity indicators
* 21651d9d3f463f5c07355d0f4e52a8d3867d88cc webui: improve pagination
* 9c1da611ea94046090dd88d320253d2cded5c76e webui: do not show empty table footer * 54990227824957fb1be4a45ee0f0879812d71d94 webui: restyle automember default group * 4f45e3ea924cd64f4c1f698dfd762d561226199e webui: preload automember default group select list * ea93590ef1051c17fa55115edc14d646581188e4 webui: adjust login page to PatternFly * 74fc85d003af9376462b0610593f6ab8e8a34bf1 webui: use BS alerts in validation_summary_widget * bf9eeb823b5df3e581061b23ee89f3b94b0c87b3 webui-ci: select search table item - chrome issue * 99ed015c0a3ad5f4c1d16190cfa513299ed1cf6c webui: remove old css for standalone pages * 5c3fd4bb832859172fa6e7c739724f6562ccfb7f webui: adjust header controls alignment * 40a25ecf371ebfcbb0801e1f99e3a2853439f44b webui: add search box placeholder text * 408457ce53c553c27f25a682f3f5118ae2e1ab30 webui: change control buttons to normal buttons * 05a917eb17d7c99338dcb972470f15d9d83b37b4 webui: certificate search - select search attribute only when defined * 29f60931e2bee750e5acdf7bead5ed3b21d7e4d5 webui: association adder dialog - change find label to filter * 2df5e0b132be032dc5d12ec65314a44af87b6deb webui: use dark color for facet titles without pkey * 841e0cd3ae904cb8021c4387472b4e66487a5c6a webui-ci: assert_action_list_action * 2af21743df2e09cabcf4d2209cd35786ed3cfdd6 webui: move host action panel actions to action dropdown * 254b41e485e065b870205bb1bc50701451800bff webui: move service action panel actions to action dropdown * dd69557f4e51aa0ab35d82a5c1f67cea20303e70 webui: use normal buttons instead of link buttons in multivalued widget * 0fadb14ec7fe84596058e106a5e8068afed81f51 webui: move radius proxy action panel commands to header actions
* bedd128de07f502cdc68d8c7a9f6b8ef48d1727b webui: proper alerts in dialogs
* bc6105b270ad10349d12d144b5f67660e7f734e3 webui: use propert alerts in header notification area * dea2da4455b3a4bd189828e2d22f19ab90bf75bd webui: fix search box overlap in mobile mode * 31df435e4194927649fbdacaa3a62fc28b8f5029 webui: fix layout of QR code on wide screens * b0a61ab9530d96a56ff0b10e66a742c18ca90c4a webui: break long text in a code element in a modal

2. If there's a login error, the logo and the message shifts up. I
think it would be nicer to display the error without changing the
layout of the original page.

Snapshots for #2, just in case:

I'm afraid that it's not easy to solve. We don't know how many and how larger errors or if any there will be. Therefore we can't prepare the right amount of space. Also it would probably look bad.

There is bigger related issue. If there are many errors and the height of the screen is small, the logo or some errors can be shifted out of the visible area. Can be reproduced in reset-password form which shows up when password is expired.
Petr Vobornik

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