On 5/15/2014 8:58 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Just an idea:

there is only one top level item in self service menu -> no point of
having this level.

This patch replaces top level with second menu level

* http://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/images/self-service-menu-2levels.png
* http://pvoborni.fedorapeople.org/images/self-service-menu-1level.png


Some unrelated issues:

1. If I recall correctly, a new user is required to change the password upon the initial login. This can be done with kinit, but can this be done via UI too? Right now a new user will get a login error without any message or link to reset the password.

2. When I logged in to the self-service mode, I got the following error:

3. In the login screen if the page is shorter than a certain height, there will be a blank area appearing at the bottom. The background doesn't extend all the way to the bottom:

Endi S. Dewata

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