Hello all,

As 4.0 release is slowly approaching I was more thinking about smartproxy
package (freeipa-server-foreman-smartproxy). It is currently part of upstream
git repo and if nothing changes, it would be part of FreeIPA 4.0 core packages.

However, I do not see the Foreman smartproxy as the required part of core
FreeIPA 4.0 with many installation, but rather as a glue plugin (important
one!) between FreeIPA and Foreman that would be installed only on specialized
deployments with Foreman.

The plugin's release will be asynchronous to FreeIPA release process - we do
not want to release FreeIPA core when the smartproxy adds new capability or
calls that Foreman needs and vice versa.

I see 2 options how to more forward:

1) Request a separate repo for foreman proxy on fedorahosted, like
"freeipa-foreman.git" move the plugin there and build&branch&tag it
asynchronously. This is IMO the cleanest solution.

2) Keep the Foreman plugin in FreeIPA tree, update Makefile and spec to move it
to separate SRPM and source somehow merge the plugin and ipa branches.

Feedback or other ideas welcome.

Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>
Supervisor, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat Inc.

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