On 20.6.2014 15:23, Martin Basti wrote:
Patches attached

Petr please review WebUI patch.

Patch 72: ACK
Patch 73: ACK
Patch 74: ACK
Patch 75: ACK

pushed to master:
* 7cdc4178b0fb0972a7aed3e0604a835fc45ac7a8 DNSSEC: DLVRecord type added
* ee6e634c28b7261930c8cee556c8ebef9a01603e DNSSEC: Test: DLV record
* 2229e89bbb2b89ad72e467de83f735b308a7bca1 Digest part in DLV/DS records allows only heaxadecimal characters
* 0eef37908c580f4550618244e661594138f7b382 DNSSEC: WebUI add DLV record type
Petr Vobornik

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