On 6/18/2014 6:11 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
1. As discussed on IRC, the plugin is causing an error due to missing
extend.js. This needs to be fixed.


4. I agree that the facet shouldn't define the hash. The hash should be
part of the plugin declaration.

Ideally, facet should be router agnostic. We need a mechanism of mapping
facet's state to hash and vice versa.

Originally I did not want to do it now because it requires bigger
refactoring of a router.

While I was designing it, I ended up with a patch - attached.

It's a replacement for original patch #649. Patch #651 and example
plugin are updated accordingly.

Basically I refactored router's `navigate_to_*`, `_create_*_hash` and
`*_route_handler` methods into separate classes which are registered and
mapped to facets. All in navigation.routing module.

Btw, can you think of some better name(s)/placement for the module?

ACK. Some comments below, but I think they can be addressed later.

1. I'm not sure if we really need a HashCreator. Ideally the router should map a hash to a page. Links to another page can be hardcoded too (and substitute the parameters).

2. Ideally there should be no entity-specific navigation code. All routing should be handled in a generic way. This probably depends on the entity-facet separation that we discussed previously. So routes like this:


should be replaced by individual routes for each entity:


Probably the entities should be written like plugins.

3. If we fix #1 and #2, is the "routing" module still necessary? The "routing" object probably should have been a "router", but are you concerned about conflicting with Dojo's router and the existing Router module?

4. The args/query in the navigation paths should be separated by a more standard delimiter "?" instead of "//". For example:


should be replaced with:


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